The Cosmic AF Community Membership

$22 a month after 3-day free trial

Do you feel like you don't have time for spiritual self care? Or that you are looking for MORE to life but don't know where to start? Are you looking for a high vibe community that inspires you and UPLIFTS you? Us too. So we decided to create a space that is part TV channel/part secret society for you to jumpstart your personal revolution.

Are you in?

We want you to...
be empowered with purpose.
ditch self loathing for RADICAL SELF LOVE.
to follow your INTUITION over influence .
lead with PLEASURE instead of pressure.

Through monthly videos, Madi Murphy guides you to be your own healer, take back your power and remember your most COSMIC self. Learn how to harness each months energy & manifest authentically. Every month has a full moon masterclass on a different area of mystical empowerment, a live new moon ceremony and "Meditate & Manifest", our signature monthly astrology workshop that helps you manifest and work your magic with every zodiac season.

Understanding these cosmic principles will help you lift blocks and take your relationships, self care and career to the next level.

Examples of material we will cover throughout the year:
+ Astrology for Cosmic Self Care
+ Astrology for Cosmic Love
+ Tapping Into Passion + Purpose
+ Intuition Rituals
+ Love Rituals
+ Sound healing
+ Guided meditations
+ How to work with crystals
As a member you will be automatically registered to our Live streams Via Zoom for all New Moon Circles and Full Moon Workshops.

Learn cosmic wellness tools while gathering in a community of badass babes. Make space to nourish yourself at a soul level, get in touch with your true inner self to become a force of nature. You can totally revolutionize YOUR life- you just need the right tools. Come get cosmic AF and tap into your infinite potential!