Sacred Space Revolution

$33 a month after 3-day free trial

Our audience claims they don’t have the time for spiritual self care or they can’t relate. So here we are..

We want you to be empowered with purpose.
Transform Self loathing into SELF LOVE.
Follow INTUITION over influence .
Lead with PLEASURE instead of pressure.
Through video Madi Murphy guides you to be your own healer. Learn how to harness each months energy & manifest authentically. Every month has a "full moon ritual", "New moon ritual" , "Meditate & Manifest", PLUS "The weekly cosmic forecast".

Understand Cosmic principles to take your relationships, self care, and career to the next level. Other core content will include:
Astrology for Cosmic Self Care
Astrology for Cosmic Love
Tapping Into Passion + Purpose
Intuition Rituals
Love Rituals
Sound healing
Guided meditations
Crystal sound bath